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NV Energy to Deliver Layoffs Promised Since 2009

NV Energy to Deliver Layoffs Promised Since 2009

Steven Green of Vegas Inc. reported last month that NV Energy is scheduled to eliminate 95 of its jobs in Southern Nevada. The company credits this loss of jobs to new technology, which makes the necessity of hiring meter readers obsolete.

The company failed to state exactly how many workers would become unemployed, citing its efforts “to communicate opportunities for redeployment within the company.” Green reports that workers were notified this week.

In a quoted statement, NV Energy went on to say that “employees were given advance notice in order to have adequate time to apply for open positions or seek employment elsewhere. Those employees who may eventually be laid off will qualify to receive a severance and will be given recall rights for a period of 12 months, which would allow them to return to the company should eligible positions become available.”

The union responsible for the workers has recently reached a collective bargaining agreement with NV Energy to cover September 1st through October 4th, 2013. Green additionally reports that Jesse Newman, a senior assistant business manager at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 396, stated that union members were satisfied with the new contract.